How To Enjoy Adult Dating In Adelaide With More Sex, Less Hassles And More Pleasure With Your Fuck Buddy

Getting into adult dating in Adelaide is a goal for many guys as it means casual sex without commitment and hooking up with sexy women every week.

But what about the woman?

Guys often think about how easy sex can be, but women are wired differently and see sex as an emotional act, not just physical.

This is good news for a guy who’s ready to take his game to next level and learn what makes women tick and what they’re thinking at any given point in time and what they want and expect out of a casual sex arrangement.

In this Adelaide adult dating guide, you’ll discover…

  • How to get started with casual dating keeping the woman’s wants and needs in mind
  • 9 stereotypical guy thoughts about adult dating arrangements that will derail your casual sex arrangement
  • How to initiate sex (because women want you to take charge in the bedroom)
  • How many sex positions is ideal for a hookup?

Let’s get started with some casual dating tips to get you laid more or to keep the sex going…

17 Quick Tips To Get Started With Casual Dating

1. Know this is a relationship based on sex and only sex.

2. Since you will only be having sex with a casual dating partner, you don’t need to be friends with her, but if friendship comes out of it, great.

3. Remain casual at all times and don’t allow emotions or feelings to interfere with the fun.

4. You should be attracted to each other physically and make the most of your physical attraction with experimenting in the bedroom with each other and possibly with sex toys too!

5. Open up the lines of communication from the start. Let your sex buddy know what you expect out of this relationship. She should also do the same.

6. You shouldn’t have mutual friends if you can help it. The fewer people you both know, the better. It can make things get too personal.

7. Only contact your sex buddy when you want to have sex. Don’t text them to chat or see how their day is, only for sex.

8. You won’t want to build a strong emotional connection to this person. Avoid things that can cause an emotional connection like notes, gifts, dates, etc.

9. Only see each other one or two times a week. You don’t want to see each other too often otherwise she’ll start to think you’re an item.

10. Always use protection with a sex buddy. Birth control and condoms should never be an afterthought.

11. Try new things. This is the time when you can really have fun without worrying about what she thinks of you later. Live it up!

12. Know who you should talk about this relationship and who you shouldn’t. Most people want to keep this between the two of them.

13. If feelings start to develop, stop having sex unless you see them as more than just a fling. She will understand later, if not straight away.

14. Have an open mind. You have nothing invested with this women, so try things that are different.

15. Know it will end. This type of dating typically doesn’t last very long. You may see each other a handful of times, for several months, or more, but know it will end and could end at any time.

16. No drama or games. Keep all games and drama out of this relationship. If you bring these things into the relationship, your sex buddy will probably never contact you again.

17. Have a good time! This is one of the most important things to remember. This should be a stress free relationship where you can relax, have sex and enjoy yourself. That’s it!

Top 9 Negative Thoughts To Avoid With Adult Dating

With adult dating the main point is to have fun and have a positive experience despite the fact you’re in a casual sex situation where nothing is certain and your hookup status could change at any minute.

Your mind can play tricks on you from simple things such as:

  • She doesn’t text back within an hour (What is she doing? Who is she with? Is she seeing someone else? Does she still like me?)
  • Cancelling an arranged hookup (Does she still like me? Is she happy with the sex? Is she hooking up with someone else tonight? Will we see each other again?)
  • You’re the one having to initiate all your catchups (Is she still into me? Am I coming on too strong? Is she having second thoughts? Is she seeing someone else at the same time?)

With this storm in your mind going on it’s easy for negative thoughts to creep in which can influence your general mood whether you’re at work, with friends or family, or having some alone time.

Here are some common negative thoughts that can arise during casual dating and some tips for dealing with them…

1 – My Sex Buddy Will Become Attached to Me

One negative thought that often pops up when in an adult dating arrangement is that your partner will become overly attached and will want a more serious relationship.

This could definitely happen, of course, but typically people know what they are getting into before they start to get into this type of relationship.

Usually a gentle reminder can get her back into casual territory.

2 – Our Friendship Could Be Over Thanks To Our Short Term Relationship

Many people who get into these types of casual relationships are already friends with their partner before they get into the relationship or they will become friends with their partner after the fact.

Many people falsely believe that their friendship will be ruined because of the relationship.

This can happen but ultimately it depends on how you treat each and how you communicate with each other during your casual relationship that will influence how it ends or how it continues after you stop having sex.

3 – Jealousy Can Creep Up Quickly With No Strings Dating

When you are in a no strings dating arrangement, you might worry that your sex hookup will get jealous.

However, since you are not in a committed relationship, jealousy isn’t appropriate.

So you can either ignore it or have a chat about it and see how it goes. Often chats about jealousy don’t end well so you’re playing with fire on this one!

4 – Future Friends With Benefits Relationships Can Become Affected

Many times, people know that friends with benefits relationships don’t last too long and because of that, many will get into other relationships soon after one ends.

One of the negative thoughts that can creep up is that a future relationship might be affected by this one.

Instead, you will want to look at each relationship as something that is new, and leave any baggage relating to a previous sex buddy and leave space for your current FWB to surprise you.

5 – The Fuck Buddy Arrangement Will Be Over

Yes, like all relationships, at some point, this fuck buddy arrangement will end.

However, since this is a relationship that is more casual, you will want to keep in mind that it shouldn’t be as difficult since you will not have the same type of commitment.

Having the mindset that a breakup is inevitable at some point can help you better prepare for it.

The only issue of course is that you develop feelings for your fuck buddy and want to take it to the next level.

6 – The Casual Dating Relationship Can Become Boring

Many will get into a casual dating relationship and find out that sooner, instead of later, they will get bored.

This is the beauty of a no strings attached relationship though. Since there isn’t a lot of emotional attachment, you might find that you lose interest in the situation.

Fortunately you can easily end it, or even keep the relationship going and find someone else to sleep with too.

You can certainly have more than one partner in this type of situation.

7 – You Can Be Hurt, Or Hurt Each Other

You might also find that it can be difficult to not hurt each other with a casual sex arrangement.

When in this type of relationship, you will, many times, want to avoid serious situations that assume you’re ‘dating’, but sometimes they might occur.

If your partner, or even you, begins to develop feelings for the other, you might find that the one who has developed the feelings will be hurt.

This can be hard to deal with if you’re the one who has developed feelings for your sex buddy.

The best way to deal with this is either:

1. Improve your game so that your partner becomes attracted to you more (because if they’ve lost interest, it’s not for no reason.

There’s something you’re saying or doing, or NOT saying or doing that has caused them to lose interest).

If you work on improving yourself by knowing how the opposite sex thinks, and what they expect from a partner, you can improve yourself so that you become such a catch that they don’t ever want to let you go.

It’s all about your ‘game’, so it’s time to get to work.

Guys can follow someone like David DeAngelo to find out more about women and the rules of attraction and seduction.

2. Give the person an ultimatum. This will only be effective if she still has some feelings for you. If she’s lost interest, she’ll take you up on your ultimatum and move on immediately!

8 – Things Could Be Awkward With Your Fuck Buddy

Finally, you may think that your fuck buddy relationship can get awkward before you know it.

For example, if you see your partner out with someone else, you might feel weird.

The best thing to do is to either ignore it or to try to bring it up (but you could come across as a bit jealous if you ask “who was that person I saw you with the other day?”)

And if it was some other potential sex buddy they were with, she’ll likely just lie about it anyway.

If you still don’t feel good about the situation, it might be time to move on.

What Are The 4 Ways Men Can Initiate Sex?

There are many adult dating sites out there where men can find potential fuck buddies but once you find a date, how are you going to go about initiating sex?

Initiating sex with a woman is probably the hardest part of picking up girls.

In order to help initiate sex with a potential fuck buddy, you might want to consider the following 4 tips:

1 – Start With Some Hot Dancing To Turn Her On

One of the best ways that you can initiate sex with your date is to start with some very hot dance moves.

Many people will meet in a bar or restaurant and some of these places have dance floors. You also might suggest a club where you can dance.

Even if you just meet at your home, dancing can be arranged with the right song at the right time. You could google ‘best songs for getting sex’ to see what comes up.

You can keep these tracks handy on your digital device to use when the opportunity arises.

Dancing is a perfect way to turn a woman on and when she is turned on already, the suggestion of having sex will sound quite good to her.

Particularly if you’re already at your house and the lounge or bedroom isn’t far away.

2 – Give Her a Massage To Initiate Sex

Another thing that you can do that will help you initiate sex is to give her a massage.

Massage is a great way for you to get intimate with each other and if it’s done right, can easily lead to sex.

There are even certain areas of her body that can turn her on even more, and they might not be places that you would expect.

For instance, a woman can get turned on by touching and massaging the back of her knees.

Women also love scalp and next massages.

If you can focus on these areas during a massage, you can be sure that you have increase your chances of transitioning to sex easily.

3 – Tease Her By Being Cocky And Funny

You will also find that you can initiate sex with your adult sex partner by teasing her by being cocky and funny.

Of course you don’t want to tease her in a mean way, but in a playful, fun and sexy way.

Usually starting with playfully pointing out something like her cute dimples or making a big deal out of the fact that she watches the X-Factor religiously can be a great start.

It will bring some laughs and get her in a good mood.

At that point, you can bring in some more sexy teasing like whispering in her ear, massaging her thigh or rubbing the small of her back.

Going from this to kissing the side of her neck is a great way to turn her on.

4 – Send Sexy Messages

Finally, to initiate sex with a woman you can send her sexy emails or messages (sexting).

Telling her that you are thinking about her in a sexual way, that you are thinking about what you might want to do to her in the bedroom or even telling her that you can’t wait to touch her body (somewhere you’ve touched her before which helps bring those sexual feelings flooding back to her).

You also might want to exchange some sexy photos with her. If she is nervous about sending them, send some of your own, first. Just no dick pics!

As you have probably figured out, the best way for men to initiate sex with a first date or with a regular casual sex buddy is to turn her on.

If you can turn on a woman using one of the above options, sex is almost inevitable.

How Many Sex Positions Do Women Like During Sex?

If you’ve ever wondered how many sex positions do women like during sex, you’ve just join the man club!

Every has considered this question before and you’ve probably even spoken to your mates about it.

The question of sex positions has troubled man since the beginning of time.

So let’s try to get to the bottom of it…

3? 7? Or 12? How Many Sex Positions Should I Try?

As you may have heard, ‘variety is the spice of life’ and when you change positions during a sexual encounter, you will find that the sex can be better.

How many positions should you try? Well, that number might vary.

You definitely want to go for more than one or two, because otherwise it can get boring for a woman quite quickly.

Just as you might like different feelings, angles and sensations, and she will too.

Because of this, when adult dating, you definitely want to shake it up a bit and try more than one or two positions each time.

At the same time, however, you want to make sure that you don’t overdo it, either.

There can be a big problem for women if you switch it up too much.

For instance, she can feel pain, she can experience discomfort, she won’t have fun and worst of all, she won’t orgasm.

As you might know, women need a bit more stimulation in certain areas in order to feel a high level of pleasure.

Changing sex positions too much will not give her the focus and stimulation she might need.

How much is too much?

Anything over four to five different positions in one session can be a bit overboard for most women.

What does all of this mean? With your fuck buddy, ideally you will want to make sure that you are giving her enough variety, but not too much.

It is best to focus on a number between three to five different positions during each sexual encounter.

Some women might want more, others might want less but this is a safe range.

If your goal is to get her to the point of extreme pleasure, you might even want to talk to her about how many positions she might want to try.

What You Should Know About Women and Sex Positions

There are some positions for sex that are just better for women who are looking to achieve orgasm.

For most women, these positions are those that give her the most stimulation possible.

For instance, positions where the woman is on top is usually one that will help you both to achieve your goal.

You also might want to consider positions where a woman is more relaxed and can focus.

Though crazy sex positions might be fun to try once in a while, she probably won’t be relaxed when upside down and standing on her head.

Instead, more intimate positions, positions where she has support from the bed or another type of furniture and positions where she feels comfortable are ideal.

Are you still confused about all of this? You might want to just talk to the women you sleep with about it.

If you are sleeping with the same woman over and over again, you will probably find that you will get to know each other sexually and can have discussions like this.

On the other hand, when you are just sleeping with a woman for a one night stand, focus on four or five positions.

Adult dating is all about sex and fun, so if either of you isn’t getting what they want out of this casual arrangement it will end as quickly as it began.